Web Development

Web development is a broader notion than information on a web page or in a mobile application. It includes various stages leading to creation of interactive and customer tailored product.

How do we work? On the first stage we analyze client’s demand and study existing situation, company’s challenges, opportunities, goals, technological requirements etc. This is the basis for the subsequent stage.

The second stage includes planning web architecture and design packaging. First, we usually prepare the site map. Then we create the visual of the web page that leads us to distribution of sections on different types of pages. After web architecture is completed we begin working on design and create visuals for various types of pages.

After web design is approved we start software development. Afterwards, the web page is technically tested for several times. As a result we receive a competed web page.

Together with the completed web page we give the client access to the Content Management System (CMS) and a guidebook that will enable the client to do updates and corrections by himself / herself.

ShinDi offers the following services of web development:

  • Development of the site map and planning content;
  • Creating customer oriented web design;
  • Creating mobile friendly design;
  • Content management system;
  • Creating mobile application;
  • Preparing mobile web page.

Are you ready to create a new interactive design? We can assist you. Contact us today to start working on projects of new web pages.